PCB production and installation
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PCB production and installation
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Production and installation of printed circuit boards

IntraSoft JSC offers services for the design, production and installation of printed circuit boards.

Our designers’ team has many years of experience in various fields of electronics which allows us to develop and design printed circuit boards of any complexity for various fields of application. Cooperation with the best manufactures in Asia, Europe and Russia allows us to ensure the manufacture of high-quality printed circuit boards from a prototype to large batches.

We propose taking advantage of surface mount technology (SMT technology), which can significantly reduce production time. Using this technology, you will see a direct correlation between the volumes of manufactured products and their cost. Our company’s specialists have extensive experience in the specific installation of component housings such as BGA, µBGA, Flip-Chip, TQFP, CSP. We have also mastered the installation of PoP (Package on Package) installation technology.

Our experts will help to solve all the features during the installation using mentioned technologies: they will mount them qualitatively, they will carry out the dismantling, the leads will be restored, the quality of the soldering on the X-ray unit will be checked and, if necessary, they will present a detailed report on the installation and X-ray inspection. We will be happy to give an advice on the development and optimization of your product taking into account the features of technological processes, as well as help to reduce the cost of the product through the use of modern installation technologies.

Our features:

-         Design and tracing of printed circuit boards.

-         Production of single-sided, double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards.

-         Pilot production of printed circuit boards.

-         Serial production of printed circuit boards of any complexity up to the 5th accuracy class.

-         Urgent production of printed circuit boards.

-         Fabrication of boards for RF / microwave applications.

-         Production of printed circuit boards on lead-free technology.

-         Automatic SMT surface mounting based on lead and lead free technology

-         Manual installation of any complexity

-         Installation, restoration and repair of microcircuits in the case of BGA, µBGA, Flip-Chip, TQFP, CSP

-         Installation on PoP technology (Package on Package)

-         PCB washing

-         Moisture protection of printed circuit boards and drawing compounds

-         Press fitting