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JSC INTRASOFT was founded in 2004 and has been successfully operating at the market, offering advanced technical solutions and high-tech components that exactly meet the tasks and requirements of our customers.

Company’s activities

·        Contract manufacturing

INTRASOFT carries out serial production of electronic units and their elements: modules, boards, case parts, load-bearing structures and cable assemblies. Of particular note are cable assemblies of our own production which are based on miniature connectors and contact groups of Fischer Connectors (Switzerland) and manufactured according to the technical requirements of a particular customer for critical applications in products for various purposes. INTRASOFT also manufactures analogues of Fischer Connectors brassprotective caps which provide protection of connectors from damage in rugged conditions.

The main advantages of products manufactured by INTRASOFT:

· Optimal cost and qualityratio;

· Increased strength and reliability, especially when operating in rugged conditions;

· Quick time of installation work;

· Reduction in the total mass of products, etc.

All products are manufactured on modern automated equipment according to the approved regulatory and technological documentation, under the supervision of foreign partners (if necessary).

·        Development of hardware and software modules, control systems, data collection and processing.

The developed modules and systems solve the problems of monitoring, management, processing and transmission of information, as well asgeographic information support, the formation of a variety of databases, including in real time. Our company specializes in the development of wearable, portable, built-in, stationary products for extreme operating conditions.

·        Secure information systems, industrial and single-board computers, peripherals, various sensors, equipment and electronic components delivery from leading manufacturers; warranty and post-warranty service.

·        Software development services, including porting and adaptation of system software for supplied products.

·        Custom (special) software development for a wide variety of areas.

·        Software selection, refinement, installation, configuration (including the necessary drivers) for single-board computers and modules, personal computers, workstations and light servers. Installation is carried out either on equipment selected and delivered according to the initial data of the customer or on customer’s equipment.

·        Creation and maintenance of compact versions of free operating systems (OS) for single-board computers, rugged tablets and laptops.


·        As a result of long-term fruitful collaboration with Fischer Connectors GmbH, INTRASOFT was awarded the status of the official distributor in the territory of Russia for Fischer Connectors’ entire product line.
·        The company acts as an official distributor of products from Handheld Group AB (Sweden) and Trimble Inc. (USA), providing consultations, sales and support. Our service center is officially authorized by Handheld Group for the entire product line and provides a full range of service warranty and after-sales service.
·        INTRASOFT’s quality management system is certified according to the international standard ISO 9001–2011.
·        Since 2015, INTRASOFT has been actively implementing an import substitution program.


The key to our company’s success is the constant expansion of the technological equipment and tooling fleet for our own production of particularly critical components, the continuous development of qualified staff and the involvement of engineers and developers of the highest level, as well as the development of outsourcing partner programs to expand our capabilities.


Our goal is to provide our customers with all necessary products and supportto feel comfortable in a professional environment as well asto create with our helpproductswhich are competitive at the Russian and international markets.